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Fx2424 Programmable Logic Controller [Fx2424 PLC]  US$373.00 - US$439.00 


The Fx2424 is floating point math capable and has the following features integrated onboard :

1)Ethernet Port

  • Control & Monitoring via Internet, Remote Programming & SCADA
  • Built-in MODBUS/TCP ServeF-Server for i-TRiLOGI & ExcelLink, Up to 6 simultaneous Server connections
  • Send Emails to report real-time events
  • Connects to other F- or M-series PLCs
  • Connect to other Modbus/TCP servers

2) Analog I/O

  • 8 channels, 12-bit Analog Inputs (0-5V) 
  • 4 channels, 10-bit Analog Outputs (0-5V)
  • 5V precision reference
  • User-Calibration of all analog I/Os
  • Directly connect to 4 thermistors (no need to add resistor or signal conditioner)

3) RS485

  • Supports Modbus ASCII & RTU
  • Can be Mobdbus Master or Slave
  • Can be for programming/monitoring
  • Low cost 2-wire networkings
  • Network up to 255 PLCs each
  • Programmable baud rate 300-230,400 bps
  • Programmable parity: None, Even or OddnnApplications:
  •    i.  VFD, power meter, analog modules
  •    ii. Control of remote I/Os e.g. E10+ PLCs

4) RS232

  • For Programming/Monitoring
  • Supports Modbus ASCII & RTU
  • Can be Mobdbus Master or Slave
  • Programmable baud rate (300-230.4Kbps)
  • Programmable parity (None, Odd or Even)nnApplications:
  •   i.  Read from barcode/smartcard readers
  •   ii. Send data to serial printer or modem",

5) LCD port

  • Support industry-standard character LCD (From 1x8 to 4x20 LCD display
  • Also support Chinese char. LCD

6) Reserved (for future CANBUS connection)

7) Power Supply

  • 12 to 24VDC (PLC consumes < 3.5W)
  • Only 0.15A @ 24VDC or 0.3A @12VDC",

8) Multi-function Digital Outputs (12x, #5 to #16)

  • Drive 3 stepper motors DIRECTLY  (Or control 3 external stepper motor drivers) 
  • 4 PWM outputs with adjustable frequency
  • 12 "lamp dimmer" outputs (AC phase control) 
  • Drive 4 Infrared Remote Control LEDs,   Or use as regular digital outputs
  • Sink 4A @24VDC per output",

9) Digital outputs (12x, #1 to #4, #17to #24)

  • Sink 1A @24VDC per output
  • Red LEDs to indicate ON/OFF status",

10) I/O Expansion Port

  • For Expansion Boards (Exp4040 and Exp1616R)
  • Supports up to 216 I/Os

11) Digital Inputs (#13-#24)

  • NPN inputs (source 3mA per input).
  • Green LEDs to indicate ON/OFF status

12) Multi-Function Digital Inputs (#1 to #12)

  • 3 quadrature High Speed Counters (HSC)
  • 6 Pulse Measurement (PM) (Measure frequency, period, pulsewidth)
  • HSC coexist with PM (Postiion+Speed)
  • HSC & PM up to 10KHz
  • 10 channel interrupt inputs
  • All inputs NPN type (source 3mA per input)",

13) Battery Back Real Time Clock

  • Year, month, day, day of week
  • Hour, minute, secondn-  Leap year correction
  • User calibration for greater accuracy
  • May be adjusted by Internet Time Server
  • Single CR1632 battery last for > 5 years
  • Applications:
  •    a. Schedule alarm events to occur.
  •    b. Time-stamp a data logging event

14) Infra Red Remote Sensor

  • Decode Sony Remote Control signal
  • Learn and store up to 128 IR codes (any brand as long as is about 38KHz)
  • Playback learned IR codes via output #5-8
  • Applications:
  •   a. Start/stop equipment
  •   b. Use as data entry terminalnc. Enter PIN to unlock equipmentnd. Home Automation/AV Control",

15) XBEE socket solder pad

  • State-of-the-Art Technology
  • Solder pads for 2 10-pin SIP sockets
  • Accept XBEE module made by Digi Int'l to provide wireless connection via ZigBee radio
  • Uses COMM2 so must remove RS485 driver

16) LEDs for all 3 serial ports

  • A pair of LEDs for each COMM port, GREEN LEDs for Transmit (Tx), RED LEDs for Receive (Rx), Blink when there is COMM port activities
  • Great help for debugging COMM program 





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