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Finally, a Ladder-Logic based PLC so small and cost so little that it can effectively replace all those bulky relays, timers or counters found in your current control panels. Its 24V DC transistor outputs or 0 to 250V AC relay outputs eliminate the need for additional driver circuitry and its incredibly low price means you actually save money while getting a technically superior design for your next control panel project!

With their built-in RS485 interface, the new E10+ PLCs are ideal for distributed control where the I/Os are distributed to far away locations. The RS485 standard interface allows a twisted pair wire to connect PLCs at up to 1200 m (4000 ft) away!

An E10+ PLC is programmable using an extremely user-friendly ladder logic editor-cum-simulator software -WinTRiLOGI Version 3.5. This software runs under Windows operating systems (95,98,ME, NT,2000,XP).  The same PC can be used to program either a single E10+ via RS232 interface, or up to 255 E10+ PLCs  via RS485 network.

A. Use as stand-alone Tiny Ladder Logic PLC

e10webnl.jpg (16842 bytes)
Photograph of E10-npn+ and E10-Relay+

  • Easily connect to PC using built-in RS232 port on E10-npn+ or via an Opto232 adapter on E10-Relay+.
B. Or connect up to 255 of them to a host
    PC or Master PLC as smart remote I/Os.

rs485networkpic1.jpg (18686 bytes)

All E10+ PLCs are RS485 Network-Ready! Simple ASCII based Host Link Commands are really  simple to use. See Visual BASIC example here. The M-series PLC even has built-in NETCMD$() command to readily communicate with  E10+ PLCs.

C. Programmable using Windows-based
    Ladder Logic language editor software.

D. Optional DIN-Rail Mounting Kit for
    easy installation

 Model      Product Name   Price   Buy Now 
 STK-E10-npn+   E10-npn+ STARTER KIT   E10-npn+ STARTER KIT   US$109.00   Buy Now  
 E10-npn+   E10-npn+ Programmable Logic Controller   E10-npn+ Programmable Logic Controller   US$64.00 - US$76.00   Buy Now  
 STK-E10-Rly+   E10-RELAY+ STARTER KIT   E10-RELAY+ STARTER KIT   US$142.00   Buy Now  
 E10-Relay+   E10-Relay+ Programmable Logic Controller   E10-Relay+ Programmable Logic Controller   US$74.00 - US$87.00   Buy Now  
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